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Wenzhou Senbang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Senda Machinery Dairy Machinery Factory, established in 1998) has total assets of 60 million and fixed assets of approximately 40 million. As the first batch of Wenzhou companies to devote themselves to the food and beverage equipment industry, Sunbond Machinery has continuously innovated for more than two decades since its establishment, and the annual investment in scientific research is also increasing. Over the past two decades, he has continuously accumulated experience while innovating, and has worked closely with Mengniu, Yili, Wenzhou Dahao Daguazi, Dongpeng Beverage Group, Lanzhou Manor Ranch, Qinyuan Goat Milk and other companies.
       The company has well-equipped personnel and a growing team. It currently has more than 60 employees, with a college degree or above accounting for more than 50%, and a college degree or above accounting for more than 30%. The company takes "unity, integrity, efficiency, value" as its purpose, with years of rich market experience, scale operation advantages, and branded services, it has achieved impressive market results and greatly enhanced the company's image and brand awareness. In recent years, the company has been adhering to the advanced concepts of good innovation, constantly forging ahead, and gradually embarked on a mature and stable development path.

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