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Structural characteristics and advantages of MVR evaporator

1. Features of MVR evaporator

①Evaporated water volume can reach 0.5t / h ~ 100t / h
② In normal operation, the system only uses electricity, and the energy consumption per ton of water for evaporation is 15KW.h to 100KW.h, and its operating cost is 1/8 ~ 1/2 of multi-effect evaporation.
③It is an energy-saving evaporator at present, mostly single-effect evaporation, small heating temperature difference, short residence time, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
④Compact structure and small footprint.
⑤ The equipment realizes automatic operation through PLC control and can run continuously and stably for a long time.

2.Steam compressor

MVR evaporator is a mechanical evaporator, and its main feature is the steam compressor. Steam compressors use mechanical compression to increase the pressure and temperature of water vapor. Different types of steam compressors are selected according to the air volume and compression requirements. The speed of the steam compressor is adjusted by the inverter. The compressor speed can be adjusted according to actual needs. The compressor is equipped with a temperature monitoring probe and a vibration probe to ensure its long-term normal operation.

3. MVR evaporator cleaning

The cleaning cycle of the MVR evaporator is determined according to the actual situation. Materials with high hardness need to be pretreated or shortened the cleaning cycle. The main equipment needs to be equipped with cleaning nozzles. The cleaning liquid may be water or dilute acid according to the actual situation.

4, MVR evaporator compared with other evaporators

Evaporation method reactor single-effect evaporator multi-effect evaporator jet pump MVR evaporator
Energy consumption High energy consumption, about 1.5 tons of steam is required to evaporate one ton of water. High energy consumption, theoretically requires 1 ton of steam to evaporate one ton of water. It is more energy efficient. Generally speaking, with the increase of efficiency, the energy consumption also decreases accordingly The traditional multi-effect evaporator has one more effect, but requires high-pressure steam to drive the current energy-saving evaporator technology. 15kw.h ~ 100kw.h power consumption is needed to evaporate per ton of water
Small footprint large small small
Impact on product quality Evaporated product has a long residence time, which seriously affects product quality. Short residence time, high temperature, small impact on product quality. Long residence time, high temperature, small impact on product quality. Short residence time, impact on product quality. small. Short residence time, low temperature difference evaporation, little impact on product quality
Energy method Use coal or diesel to heat directly; or use steam to heat. Use steam to heat, need steam pipe network, need boiler. Use steam to heat, need steam pipe network, need boiler to be driven by high pressure evaporation, you can use electricity. Requires steam pipe network, fully self-closed circulation system
Degree of automatic control Manual operation Semi-automatic control Semi-automatic control Semi-automatic control Full-automatic operation, uninterrupted evaporation
Poor stability Poor Poor Poor Good
5, the use of MVR evaporator

At present, a small number of manufacturers in China use MVR evaporators, and many manufacturers in Europe use them.

6.Comparison of MVR evaporator installation cost and operation

MVR evaporator costs 20-30% more than ordinary four-effect falling film evaporator. Based on installation capacity 19700Kg / h

Energy consumption ratio Four-effect falling film Three-effect falling film + concentrated Four-effect falling film + concentrated MVR evaporator unit
Steam consumption 4000 3550 2800 250 Kg / h
Absorption ratio 45 45 45 235 KW
Cooling capacity 9.0 7.9 6.5 0.54 GJ / h
Cooling water △ t = 15 ℃ 144 126 104 9 M / h
Cooling capacity 16 14 11 2 KW
Installed power 61 54 56 254 KW
Steam energy consumption ratio 0.27 0.24 0.19 0.02 Kg / Kg
Power consumption ratio 0.004 0.004 0.004 0.016 KW / Kg
Through the chart comparison, the hourly MVR evaporator saves 2.5 tons / h of steam and consumes 190 degrees / h more power. China's electricity price is 0.6 yuan / degree, and steam is 160 yuan / ton, saving more than 2 million yuan per year based on 22h / day and 300 days / year. By comparison, it can be seen that the cost saved by steam is much greater than the cost of electricity consumption, and the additional cost of installation costs can also be saved during the next three years of equipment operation. The main energy source of the MVR evaporator is electricity, which saves the cost of installing high-power boilers, and also significantly reduces investment in environmental protection.

7, other

Huayou Machinery can design MVR evaporator according to the technical parameters given by customers, which can also meet the special requirements put forward by customers.

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