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Installation and maintenance of sterilizer

1. The standard and inspection basis for the design and manufacture of this equipment: "Steel Pressure Vessel (GB150-1998)" and "Pressure Vessel Safety Technical Supervision Regulations (99 edition)" for manufacturing, testing and acceptance; welding according to " Welding regulations for steel pressure vessels (JB / T4709-2000) "; radiographic inspection shall be carried out in accordance with Class III of (JB4730-94).

2. The user should formulate the safety operation rules of the sterilizer according to the sterilization conditions of the unit's production process and the technical performance of the sterilizer, and strictly implement it. The sterilizer safety operation rules should at least include:

(1) Operation technology index of sterilizer and high working pressure, high working temperature.

(2) Operating methods and procedures and precautions for sterilizers.

(3) During the production operation, items and parts should be inspected, as well as possible abnormal phenomena and preventive measures during operation.

(4) Maintenance methods when equipment is deactivated.

3. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment above the design pressure and temperature.

4. Operators who use sterilizers should pass the training and examination and strictly abide by the safety operation regulations and the post responsibility system; if abnormal phenomena are found, they should be dealt with in a timely manner.

5. The sterilizer is equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and other accessories, which must be kept safe, complete, sensitive and reliable. Maintenance and periodic calibration should be added during use. The safety valve's tripping pressure is equal to the design pressure. It should be sensitive and reliable and should be prevented from being adjusted at will. Pressure gauge and thermometer accuracy grades are both 1.5 grades. Differences within tolerances are normal. Unleaded seal pressure gauges must not be used. Pressure gauge indications fail, the scale is unclear, the dial is ruptured, the pointer does not return to zero after the pressure is released, and the seal is damaged. It should be replaced immediately. The thermometer should be inspected regularly. It should be calibrated with a standard thermometer before use and checked once a year thereafter. Any mercury column that breaks and the difference from the standard temperature by more than 0.5 ° C should be sent for repair or replacement.

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